Sunday, May 26, 2024

Because It Just Works So Well!

Every single time there’s a really BAD idea…

Yesterday I watched a slapstick comedy on Nutflix calling itself “Atlas” about a strong empowered girl boss in an age of hulking, death dealing battle mechs, artificial intelligence, intergalactic space travel and the other standard wonders of the World Of Tomorrow. 

This is not a critique; you can’t make a movie for menstrual teens and young ladies and expect an ornery old stubfart to watch it and enjoy it. It was basically about a super smart roboticist with deep emotional scars screeching and emoting at her giant AI battle bot. Interestingly there were hardly any white people in it. The movie protagonist was a middle aged niglet harridan and the primary antagonist was a chinaman. The obedient, caring AI battle bot might a had a cis white male psychological profile but that might be just me projecting. Spoiler alert - she ends up getting him killed… so is it really a spoiler? HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!

If you’re over the age of 20 you’ll have seen this movie countless times already. It’s the standard Hollywood facsimile of original thinking - the plot is derivative and predictable, but the characters are recasted for diversity and cultural enrichMINT.

The best way to enjoy this movie for the FOWG (Fat Old White Guy) viewer is with Five (Or greater) Mystery Meat Death Sammich washed down with a can of ginger ale or a beer. Do that while sitting in your easy chair. There’s no hotties or boobs in it so ya pull that lever on the side of your chair, your feet go up, the pup settles in your lap…and you’re set for the perfect Saturday afternoon snooze! 

I’m giving “Atlas” a perfect five outta five!



Huh? Sput! Oink! … whazzzat???



  1. JLO was always a better dancer than singer or actress. She was rocking that Eighties hair though. It was on par with your standard Drive In Roger Corman cheapie creepie sans tiny bikinis.

  2. Who is that ugly bint holding the jewberg quote ? She must not be allowed near children.

  3. When I see grrrrrrrl-boss propaganda like that asinine Sandberg quote, I have flashbacks to the ending of “Saving Private Ryan” when Tom Hanks tells Matt Daemon to “EARN this”. /rant.

  4. Just watched Civil War on the free stream and it sucked so terribly much I skimmed through it in record time. Re-watched the great film 'The Driver' with Ryan O'Neal instead.

    Chute Magoo

  5. After all of society turns into a pumpkin, these bossy-assed, so called strong women will either be slapped down to the hot asphalt or banished from the very people they need to survive. The only reason they exist is because alpha males allow it. For now.

  6. Sheryl Sandberg? Hmm, let’s see. Facebook, uh huh. Hmm. Oh!
    Ah hah. Of COURSE she’s one of them. And by “them” I mean a Harvard grad. Anyway …

    Being bossy is nothing like leadership skills, man or woman. Bossy is usually the opposite of good leadership. I’m sick of smart people knowingly saying stupid things to make a fake point supporting their political agenda/ideology.