Saturday, May 25, 2024

Filthie’s Reloading Bench: Hacks

 I don’t get all that stressed about precision sizing. Reloading is like any other endeavour or hobby…you can spend a LOT of money you don’t have to, chasing details you don’t need to worry about. Chasing handloading perfection makes sense if you are an F-tard F class shooter with a $15,000.00 precision rifle. For most of us, if you’re shooting one inch groups or less, it’s time to get off the bench, sling up and start practicing marksmanship from the formal positions. Most of your average sporting guns will not notice minute improvements required for super precise ammo… it is far more important to keep all your loads precisely the same from one shell to the next. You can pull your hair out by the roots chasing the lands of your rifle and setting the perfect shoulder bump on the press. Don’t ask me how I know this. These days I’m happy if the loaded rounds chamber, shoot and extract reliably.

Having said all that…

No, I’m not going to get the bullet comparator set. But…
this is interesting…

But I don’t want to buy a universal decamping die either,
I have enough damned gun junk as it is!

But wait… can red neck simplicity save the day…?

I’ll try all this out on the .243 at some future date…

Any of you guys do this…?


  1. Bought a Harvey Depriming Tool when I first started to buy my reloading kit as they were on special at the time. I had a stack of once fired Sako cases for my 243 - they are prob made by Lapua as the flash hole took the smaller decapping pin while Hornady, Winchester, Federal, Remington etc factory brass took the larger pin. I’d be worried about accidentally damaging the brass using a nail that way.(

  2. BTW - I bought the separate decapper as I didn’t want all that crap falling inside my press. Removing primers is messy - I have a MEC Marksman and it has to last ! One day I might get a Forster Co-ax but they’re over $1000 here & the MEC was much cheaper.

    1. I like the decapper … but… it the moment it doesn’t make sense for me personally. You still have to resize the case so… does this really do anything…?

  3. Lee universal decapping die set up in a cheap Lee C Frame press. Works on handgun brass, rifle brass, and even the toughest crimped primers are easily removed. I have yet to break a decapping pin while using this die for the last twenty plus years. YMMV

    1. Yep. I like the concept but my brass prep methodology kinda makes it irrelevant…