Thursday, June 13, 2024



I don’t get it. I get the big round bails…but …these?  


  1. It's for those dwarf breeds of farm critters, right?
    - WDS

  2. For mini horses, donkeys and Dexter cattle. Didn't you know that?

  3. They are easier to handle and sell to the public that doesn't need or want a large bail.

  4. I own one of these and I love it. It is not appropriate for a big operation, of course.
    1. It doesn't require a big tractor to power it. Mine is a BCS 732 walking tractor.
    2. The bales can be moved and loaded by hand, and hauled in a pickup. You don't need a large tractor with a bale spear and a big trailer.
    3. The bales can be sold for fall decorations ($5 each).
    4. The area that I need to bale is small, so this is much more efficient and less expensive than a big baler.
    Take a look at for the BCS walking tractors and other amazing implements.

    1. I too own one- or more accurately a chinese knock off I purchased - with importing shipping - for about $3000. Its a little bigger than this , but not much. My 35 HP Kioti can run this. It can't run a larger one. I have 5 acres. It makes no sense to have bigger equipment.. and my wife can move these 35-40lb round bales easier than the 50lb squares.

  5. It will rot, hasn't been cut and dried. Baled green.

  6. That is for the city dwellers who don't mow their yards often enough, and need to bail hay by the time they get around to cutting the grass.

  7. How much is the machine though, UO? It can’t be cheap…