Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Gay Pride Month Father’s Day

This is a screenshot of a conversation my daughter recently
took part in… 

The usual procedure for Father’s and Mother’s Day at this blog is to wish the parents well, maybe play some toons or crack a rude joke. Those sentiments hold this year as well… but… we live in increasingly evil times. The old nickel goes that the best stunt the devil ever pulled was convincing us he doesn’t exist. I can assure you he does.

His evil propagates just like this: One otherwise perfectly good kid at a time. Kids just like yours. For context, in this conversation the girls (my daughter and her creepy girlfriend) - were encouraging some mixed up young lady to be a man and cut off her tits… and don’t forget to have some fun and give Dad the finger while you’re at it. 

My daughter is 39 years old. She knows exactly what she’s doing, she knows it’s wrong, and she’s doing it anyways. She calls it a win when these confused teens blow up their families. The usual way it works with sexual degenerates is that after they come out or convert, they attack their families. Usually the father. The really messed up ones go after their mothers and that’s when things get really nasty. Which explains my daughter’s creepy girlfriend. I feel for her mom. No woman deserves a daughter like that. No father does either.

There are a lot of young ladies in my daughter’s community. They have issues, they’re vulnerable and they have people like my daughter influencing them all the time and they’re everywhere. In their community, wrecking families, having daddy issues, posing as victims are a way of life. These awful women are experts at getting around mothers and fathers, undermining them and demonizing them to the little ones. The law protects them as they prey on kids. As you see here, when things advance enough, they drive a wedge into the family by confiding in mom, and swearing her to secrecy while they isolate dad and neutralize him as a parent. My daughter did it to me, her girlfriend would have done it to her father (mom stepped in and refused to play along), and they advise the younger women to do it. When Pop finds out he’s been betrayed and lost his wife and daughter, his heart breaks. Then the fun begins. Dad either cucks and bends the knee to Clown World or the family implodes when he rejects it. Many implode regardless. Either way, dad is in for a world of hurt and will not be the same man when he comes out the other side. 

When young women are exposed to this…you’ve got the devil knocking on your door, Dad. If you don’t do something about it, he’ll move in with your daughter and live right under your own roof. When your heart breaks, your daughter and her coven of spiteful girlfriends will laugh at your pain and connive among themselves on ways to make it worse. They will try and draw others in the family into it with as much drama as possible. For them - this is fun. To everyone else it’s evil…and most will refuse to see it until it’s upon them and it’s too late. It happened to me.

After the beers and BBQ today, Dad…have a quiet chat with your wife. Tell her right out front that you won’t tolerate the keeping of secrets like this that involve the kids. You have to know when this shit is setting up. If you can’t do that - you have other serious problems. Maybe you need to think it through yourself: you can go along with the herd and accept and tolerate the sin and evil that goes along with it, but let’s be honest: if you do your kid will end up doing exactly what mine is doing, which is spreading this cancer. Do you want to support and enable that? If you don’t…you’re looking at cancellation and banishment while your daughter burns down the family for yuks. These people are in their glory, burning things down. The schools, the churches, the Boy Scouts, the movies and entertainment industry. The diversity freak show is burning down our nations as we speak. No father wants to see evil in his kids. But… Hell’s bells, Dad…look at what they’re doing. The wheels are starting to come off in big ways now. 

There’s a lot of dire questions for ya, Dad. Trust me…you want to sort this stuff out ahead of time, and know where you’re going before you get there. If you don’t… Welp…you may literally find yourself staring stupidly about at laughing demons when your daughter’s tits fall off at the dinner table. HAR. HAR. HAR. 

You don’t have to save the world, Dad. Just your little corner of it.

Best of luck to you and Mom.

Happy Father’s Day



  1. "No father wants to see evil in his kids. But…"

    This isn't limited to faggotry, folks. GOOD PEOPLE can end up with BAD KIDS. The bad kid works on Mommie, sharting in her ear every chance he gets. He knows his Bovine BM's won't work on Dad, so a good portion of the verbal diarrhea directed at Mommie is "I can't help it. I had a BAD DAD." First chance Mommie gets, she dumps on Dad for being "bad." Dad knows otherwise though. Dad has two other kids that are OK. Dad knows little Johnny has been a liar, a cheat, and a thief since he was five years old. Mommie and Dad will fight about this. Days... YEARS... will be ruined because of this. The rest of the family will SUFFER because of this. And little Johnny? He'll just go surfing...

    Folks, if one of your kids tells you you're a "bad dad," search your soul. Take you lumps if the kid is right. If he's NOT though, DON'T put up with it. Doing do is capitulating to the devil himself...

    1. Yup. When they start doing stuff like that, they gotta go. And I hate to say it, but if mom backs them up, she has to go too. The kid will only get worse. Likely he’ll turn on his mom at some point too, without Dad around to blame…

  2. I've been meaning to comment all day, read this several times. Been working in the yard, cooking my own father's day meal, wondering if either of my kids will even acknowledge me. One did, with a fucking text. No, I don't want a card, but you fucking live 15 minutes away. Drive over, say hi, we'll share a beer, and you can go back home. But I guess a text is good enough.

    Took apart my Dad's 30-30 Marlin, cleaned it probably for the first time ever. I remember my Dad buying it from either JC Penneys or Montgomery Wards back in 1970. Serial number shows it was made in 69. My Dad never really took care of his firearms. He bought a few, usually what was on sale, put a scope on them, and then sighted them in. Once. After that, why practice. You just put the scope on what you want to hit and pull the trigger, how fucking hard is that? That was his answer to me whenever I wanted to practice. Thing was, when hunting, I don't remember ever seeing him miss, so there's that. I also don't remember him ever cleaning a gun either. A 20 round box of ammo would last him 6 or 7 seven hunting seasons or more. The Marlin is all cleaned up now. For what it's worth, I took it out and shot it before cleaning. Scope was still on and put all rounds in red at 50 and 100 yards, so maybe the old basterd was right after all.

    Kids are tough. I ain't got no advice to help. And you're right on wives, my wife stepped in any number of times when I was ready to kinetically recalibrate some attitude. My oldest was a good 5 inches taller than me with more reach and more strength, but old men fight dirty and I'm pretty sure I could have taken him. My wife made sure we never got that far. Funny thing is, now, he has kids of his own and OMG he acts just like we did. Turned out alright.

    Now if I can just get the youngest to shape up. Damn near retirement and I'm still dealing with shit. I guess that's life. Filthy, pour a drink, light a smoke, and relax. You do what you can, and the world fucks over the rest. It's like the weather, if you can't do nothing about it, just lay back and relax.

    1. Yep. While the wife wasn’t looking I poured a dram of Highand Park, and drank a toast to my Dad. Then I sat on my veranda, smoking and farting and watching the tykes play in the park across the street. This stuff will get sorted in the next world because I can’t deal with it in this one.

    2. You seem to be doing a good job of sorting. Sorting doesn't always go as planned, it happens when it happens. A variant of "the Lord works in mysterious ways".

  3. Happy Father's Day!!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Sarah! 😊👍